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You are everywhere and nowhere at the same timeYou are part of me, souls entwined foreverYou were such a fighter, defeating so many oddsYou loved me as I loved you with utter devotionI miss your face, your smell, your funny waysSo sensitive, so loving, so more like a dog than a catNow I wake and pain hits meWhen you were here waking was licks and joyOpening my eyes to see your face an inch from mi...

Souls Entwined

June 13th 2018 0
In November I talked about the light at the end of tunnel. On Friday Betty had her 6th and final dose of the drug trial and I asked the question I had been too scared to ask before. 'Is there any chance of Betty's treatment being extended?'

Betty Dose 6 - the end of the tunne...

April 30th 2013 0
It transpired that my first glucose attempt was accurate and I impressed Gareth and Ruth. They both said it was some feat because it took two of them to test my moody girl! Betty's dose was increased 2IU twice daily and I did another curve a week later. Again her levels were high, 25.6 - 33.8.  Two days later, on the 17th December, she also developed the dreaded diarrhoea. She had tried so hard t...

Betty - Dose Number 2

January 6th 2013 0
So this year I worked Christmas day and the last day (today). I had a wonderful time, but I probably would not choose the last day again - lots of cleaning, and sad goodbyes. I'm not good at goodbyes. I'm not that good at cleaning either. The ladies was left with a rather bubbly soap starred floor!

Crisis 2012

December 30th 2012 0
On Wednesday night Betty had one bout of diarrhoea. But she was fine all day yesterday. Her dose was reduced to 1IU and this is the dose she is expected to go home on. We had our daily cuddles for an hour and Becky said she had been very calm all day.

Last day of the low dose drug

November 30th 2012 0
Today Ruth called and said that Betty is now responding. Her glucose levels are between 4.8 and 10 and her insulin has been reduced to 4IU this morning. This is amazing news. Ruth also said that the official line of the RVC, is that the trial cats get 6 months of free drug and that is all they have enough drug for. However, the drug company have donated a further 6 months supply for one cat. The l...

Real hope for Betty

November 28th 2012 0
On Friday Betty underwent her day of tests. A day to ascertain if she is truly an acrocat and to expose the options for treatment. It started with the detection of a slight heart murmer, typical of these special cats. Ranked 2 out of 6 on the murmer scale, but potentially a blocker to sedation.

The Choice

November 26th 2012 0
Betty's RVC appointment has been rescheduled for Friday 23rd November. Her diabetes is currently stabilised on 24IU twice a day. She seems perfectly well and is as moody as ever. It is hard to believe that she has a life threatening illness.

Betty Update

November 14th 2012 0