Betty killed my social life

Betty killed my social life

Diabetes is a treatable, manageable condition. You can maintain your sanity and your cat's health, all on a reasonable budget. Read Betty's story

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This will be one of the most personal posts I have written, but it's ok because nobody reads my blog anyway! Apart from my one subscriber (thanks Mitch x). For the last two weeks I have been soul searching. Trying to answer questions I have never been able to before. Partly because they are so difficult and partly because I don't live life long term enough to need to.

Who am I?

June 12th 2013 3
I feel so lucky right now. Betty had extensive tests last Friday to conclude the drug trilal. Her tumour has shrunk. She will continue to receive her drug on an informal basis. No more BG curves or intermediate trips to Summerdale for blood tests. My fighter girl and me are so lucky. I met the mum of another acrocat, Domino. I'm hoping she will email me. we want to start a UK acrocat club.


May 31st 2013 0

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You were 'the one' I so did adore but I don't love you anymore, Now I see through your veneer not one more minute, one more tear, will you take from me again, Your ego fed, inflicting pain Only hard when you're cheating, Deception, you said 'clandestine' meeting, You need the blue pills day to day to achieve a mediocre lay, 2 mins, personal best, you're done, Good job you had a skillful tongue In ...

Almost Home

June 1st 2012 0
Two months in and one to go. So what have I learned/achieved? I used to think that I said stupid things when I drank, said too much, gave too much of myself away. I also put the mischievious childish thoughts solely at the feet of the booze.

Delayed Cringe

March 7th 2012 0
I had been toying with the idea for the last few months of 2011. They were emotionally tough months. Alcohol was a good friend. It stopped the thinking for a few hours and it was nice to have a rest. I think way too much you see and that is why sobriety = insanity. If I gave up forever, I would fall at a much earlier age than my female elders have before me. I don't want to be hiding my poo in fru...

Sobriety = Insanity

February 1st 2012 0