Betty killed my social life

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You are everywhere and nowhere at the same timeYou are part of me, souls entwined foreverYou were such a fighter, defeating so many oddsYou loved me as I loved you with utter devotionI miss your face, your smell, your funny waysSo sensitive, so loving, so more like a dog than a catNow I wake and pain hits meWhen you were here waking was licks and joyOpening my eyes to see your face an inch from mi...

Souls Entwined

June 13th 2018 0
We never had much money growing up. So one time my dad brought home a load of industrial quality carpet tiles that had been 'left over' at work. He laid them in the hallway and thus ended all the fun of our skidding competitions over the linoleum. The tiles were made of nylon and dark green. They were not too disimilar to astro turf. So whilst we enjoyed pretending it was our indoor garden, we did...

Bambi ate your carpet

September 17th 2013 0
I've been quiet. I've been a Moodle whiz and a DVD Factory. More on both soon.

DVD Factory

April 4th 2013 0
Lots of the thoughts and dreams I had as a child, remain with me. Like wishing I could fly and wanting to know absolutely everything there is to know in the whole wide world. And looking forward to living in a little cul de sac with each of my siblings in a neighbouring house.

Neil Neil Orange Peel

March 13th 2012 0