Contact the Elderly

November 29th 2012 0

So in a few days I'll be back at Crisis, in a new East London location in Hackney. But it's a long time since last Christmas and the 'Crisis come down' led me to seek more regular voluntary work. The organisation I found have asked us to spread the word. So Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Contact the Elderly.

Contact the Elderly is a team of volunteer organisers, hosts, drivers and most importantly, guests. Once a month we get together for a tea party. Last Sunday it was a Murder Mystery Sunday Roast at Dee's, aptly titled 'Death by Chocolate'. I have not laughed so much since the Edinburgh Fringe.

I adore my new friends and really look forward to these days. Diana asked me if I enjoy talking to 'old people'. She said that when she was young she thought 'old people were boring'. I guess she worked out the answer for herself when I was still chatting to her 90 mins later, about her buying days in Kensington and her involvement in The University of the Third Age.

Kate and Ellen both have bad backs. Kate says she is like a spider in the bath. 'I can get in, but I can't out!' Ellen has the most amazing cheek bones I have ever seen. Joan 1 is a total flirt now we have a young fit male driver, and Naughty Joan reminds me of Bread's Grandpa - 'I want me puddin'. They are all wonderful and I'll write about my adventures once in a while. But for now, I am promoting the organisation itself. Watch this: