Who is Betty and how did she do it?

May 9th 2011 1

BettyBetty is my first born furkid. She is a black and white moggy with a fiery personality. She is 12 years old now and she was a gift for my birthday because I was feeling very sad, and Dina thought she would bring new light into my life.

I was sad because I had just lost a dear friend. He took his own life while I was backpacking. I'll never forget that email headline 'Sad news'. I had just discovered email and I was so excited to find an internet cafe in Thailand. My heart hit the floor with a thud and I took a very long time to recover. The world turned grey.

Matt probably died on the 6th February. Betty arrived to watch over me in early April. She had been dumped at the Cats Protection League in Highgate, with the rest of her siblings. Imagine my shivers when I saw her estimated date of birth? Betty checked into the world the day Matt checked out. She is an angel. All cats are angels.

Betty stopped going out when it snowed in 2009. She put on lots of weight and had to be put on a diet. The diet did nothing and then in December 2010 she started to lose weight rapidly. Then she was peeing crazy amounts in bad places. She took out my winter down duvet! I was so stressed but I knew I could not be angry. Something was wrong.

So when the vet asked me if I was prepared to undertake a complete lifestyle change to save her life, I could only be grateful that she would survive. Betty has diabetes. She needs insulin injections at 12 hourly intervals. I can't go out after work any more. I can only be away from my house 12 hours at a time. My usual cattery even refused to have her when I went away. But I have found a scatty lovely belly dancer that is not scared of Betty's sneers.

It's not the end of the world but Betty killed my social life!