Scarey Times Again

July 28th 2012 0

Extreme insulin resistance is anything over 20IU per day. Betty is currently on 36IU. Around two months ago she started showing diabetic signs again - excessive thirst, urination, hunger. So she has been having fructosomine tests every 3 weeks and despite increasing her dose each time, her result gets worse. I've been frantically googling to get the facts and find out if there is anything I can do or ask the vet to do. Some of the common causes of insulin resistance are acromegaly, cushings disease and hyperthroidism. The best prognosis would be IAA, insulin auto antibodies.

With IAA the resistance can sometimes be overcome by increased insulin doses which may eventually overwhelm the antibodies.

She is being tested again on Monday for acromegaly, the last test inspired this post. This would be the worst case and I really do not think she has it. She shows none of the other symptoms. But it's still really scarey. I may have named my blog after her needs but I'd take Betty every day over any gain in my personal life. She has been with me though thick and thin for 13 years and we have become closer through her condition. I can't bear to think of life without her.

I'm praying for Betty to carrying on killing my social life for many many years.