Real hope for Betty

November 28th 2012 0

Today Ruth called and said that Betty is now responding. Her glucose levels are between 4.8 and 10 and her insulin has been reduced to 4IU this morning. This is amazing news. Ruth also said that the official line of the RVC, is that the trial cats get 6 months of free drug and that is all they have enough drug for. However, the drug company have donated a further 6 months supply for one cat. The light gets a little brighter.

This evening on my visit Ruth said that Betty is responding really well. So well that her glucose dropped to 1.7 at one point. That is a dangerous level and is called hypoglycemia. However, she displayed no symptoms thankfully. Hypoglycemia is more dangerous than hyperglycemia. It can kill very quickly.

As a result, Betty's dose was due to be reviewed following the last test before her evening meal. It was expected to be reduced to 1-2IU. I'll find out tomorrow morning when Ruth makes her daily call.

So far, everything is going well. It is highly likely she will be accepted for the next stage. She would then have the big monthly dose on Friday and come home Friday night or Saturday morning, depending on how stable her glucose was.

There are still some hurdles. She could develop diarrhoea, like some of the other cats. But she has some hope. She could have a much better quality of life for six months. At that point, the boxing gloves go back on. The drug company will no longer be an anonomous god.

And they will certainly know who the Frog Princess is.