Not one of Gods children

January 19th 2013 0

It has taken me a few days to recover and be able to lament the day from hell! Saturday 12th January should have been a good day. I had good plans. My good plans would shake off the January blues. After waiting eagerly for the release of Les Miserables for two months, I had picked VIP seats for the 7pm show. I could not wait. I have seen the stage show 5 times and loved Eponine since I was 15 years old. I used to listen to late night radio until the early hours. I will never forget how Frances Ruffelle's original 'On My Own' touched me.

It was also hair day. Louise comes over to Brentwood and does mine and my sisters hair and we have a lunch and catch up. It's fun.

Before hair, I needed to collect Betty's special diet food from Summerdale. Before that I opened my post. The first letter was from Aviva Pet Insurance. It was a cheque, yeah! with the cost of my glucose meter deducted, boo! So, Aviva will cover £73 for my vet to perform a glucose curve but they will not pay the same amount for me to buy the equipment. The ongoing cost per curve for home testing is around £6 per curve. She needs two per week. Logical? Not. I'm not sure where you cross the line of 'vet administered' treatment. They cover me feeding her a special diet (a bit) and testing her urine, but not her blood. First Grrrr

It got worse. The second letter infomed me that I was being prosecuted for travelling at 27mph over Tower Bridge the previous weekend. It wasn't just the fine and the points that upset me. The letter implied that I had been careless and potentially damaged the bridge as a result. I love that bridge! I had taken a wrong turn, missed the 20mph sign and driven over, mouth wide open with wonder. And I was driving back form the Crisis Volunteer party! Where is the karma? Second Grrr

So I drove off to Summerdale perturbed. On the way back, in the middle of the high street, my faithful Micra gave up on me. Just stopped! I reached for my mobile phone to call for help. You can guess right? Luckily I was close enough to home to run back and get it. I was stuck for 40 mins feeling like the most hated woman in Brentwood! Then my lovely brother in law helped me push it out of the way. Third Grrr

I had a nice day with Lou and Emma and still had my wonderful movie to look forward to. The last straw was missing it thanks to Greater Anglia. Not enough Grrr's I did cry :'(

But..I got to see it Wednesday. We were offered a later showing as the heating in screen 10 had failed. But I refused to wait a minute longer! and sat in my coat for 3 hours along with about 20 other dedicated fans and a dedicated BF.

It was worth the wait. AMAZING!