My latest flame gives me fireworks!

November 5th 2012 0

I have not written anything about my dating exploits yet, but I think it might be time to talk about some of the weird and wonderful people I have met in the last two years. There has been a bit of a pattern of 2-4 month stories interspersed with a few weeks of the single life and some nonsensing. The latest beau is nearing the 4 month record now. Only two more weeks to break it and it's looking very promising.

He excelled himself yesterday. Not only is he the first person to ever give me fireworks, he produced one of the most fun cathartic experiences with them.

Rocket man

In case you didn't quite spot it:


Rocket man Fireman

He barely rose and then flopped spectacularly, not disimilar to the person this effigy represents. So we made a little bonfire and watched him evaporate into nothing.

Sorry kids :/