Less poo and maybe less insulin

January 15th 2013 0

The curve I did on 6th January gave a range of 4.0 - 12.1. 4.0 is a bit low for a diabetic. Over the next 4 days I measured every morning and obtained results between 4.3 - 5.2 before insulin. I did another curve on 13th Jan and I've plotted it this time. Not to be outdone by all the wonderful American cat lovers online...

They are such a great source of information. Really passionate about their sugarcats and acrocats. So here it is:

Betty BG curve

All values are within the ideal range for diabetics. Betty will have her mid-miracle-drug blood test on Friday. That looks at her IGF-1 levels and her fructosomine. Fructosomine tests give a more accurate average blood glucose level for the preceding 10-14 days.

On Saturday Betty's insulin will be reduced to 1/2IU twice a day and I will perform another curve the following weekend. This is where it starts to get exciting as we find out if Betty really is starting to enjoy diabetic remission.

I promised poo reports too. Much the same aesthetically (she is my furkid, even her poo can be aesthetic to her mum!). But far less in volume. She does have wind though. She sits on my lap popping.

She looks very healthy and she is still hunting her toy snake for me. The only concern is an increased water intake. Ruth has advised me to reduce the pancreatic enzyme supplement, to see if this affects Betty's thirst.

I've written a little song about Betty and remission. The lyrics are not inspiring but the tune is pure joy.