I have never been more proud of you

December 8th 2011 0

18 years and nine months ago you came into this world. You have lit it up ever since. I could not love you more. Today you faced your biggest challenge so far. You filled me with pride as you always do. You are so beautiful inside and out. I am blessed to have you in my life.

Me and Jake

When I came to say goodbye, before I backpacked for a bit, I could hardly cope with the thought of missing your cute littlle happy face. You proudly showed me your new gold man that day and I told you he was lovely. So you gave him to me. He came with me on my adventure and he wrote to you of our travels. I didn't want to take him but it meant so much to you to give. You were five.


Then a couple of years later, because you knew he never left my side, you bought him a silver man friend from the Aquarium, with your pocket money.

You have never changed. You have stayed that gorgeous loving boy and become an amazing young man.


I have never been more proud of you xXx