From pain must come love

June 24th 2017 0

I am a weak person. I bruise like a peach and the smallest of scratches will scar my skin. I'm the same inside. Tough in many ways but unable to detach from sadness I see. That's why I don't watch the news. I'm smart in that I am able to learn and apply knowledge, but I lack worldly wisdom because of my ignorance. I'm an ostrich. It's how I protect my thin skin.

The last month has been a particularly tough time for people I love, and also for people I have never met. I have felt drawn to watch tragedy on the TV. I can't explain why. Maybe I just wanted to detract from the pain closer to home. Maybe I wanted to feel united in sadness. I don't know. It feels like the universe has gone mad. But the power of love will get us all back on track.

And so this post is really about how blessed I feel. There is no deep pain of loss without the deep beauty of love. I have been so very lucky my whole life. I have the most amazing family who have shared it with me. Wonderfully mad and loving and unique. And I have met so many amazing friends along the way. My heart is bursting with happy memories. The very few rascals are just a source of humour and strength. My partner in crime is my perfect tall dark handsome cat man.

And now to organise some more meet ups with friends old and new.

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