Enter the tunnel, see the glow at the end

November 27th 2012 0

Yesterday a baseline glucose curve was done to record Betty's levels throughout the day without any drug. Today Betty's insulin was reduced from 25IU to 5IU twice a day, in preparation for the potential effects of the drug.

Ruth (Betty's clinician) called and said that Betty had not responded to the drug yet, but it could just be too early. As a result she has been hyperglycemic today.

I now understand that this drug acts on the growth hormone produced by the tumour. This in turn treats the acromegaly and the insulin resistance. It does not treat the tumour at all. Also, the free drug is available for 6 months if she responds. After that, it would be back to square one. It is not available for purchase. However, things could change in 6 months time. It is about to be released to the human market in the USA.

Betty at the RVC

I spent two hours with her on my visit today. She was so cuddly and happy. The nurse (Becky) says owner visits make a real difference to the well being of the animals.


Betty at the RVC

Stay stong my little furkid x