Betty Dose 6 - the end of the tunnel

April 30th 2013 0

In November I talked about the light at the end of tunnel. On Friday Betty had her 6th and final dose of the drug trial and I asked the question I had been too scared to ask before. 'Is there any chance of Betty's treatment being extended?'

Over the last 5 months I've been too nervous to get as excited as I should have been, by Betty's remarkable reaction to her miracle drug. I've tried hard not to think the worst too. Going back to sticking 25IU of insulin in her, and then having to leave of work, would be terrifying.

I have tried to enjoy her without worrying and adopted the attitude that the six months were a bonus. So I never asked the question. If the answer had been no then I could not hope for more than six months of treatment. If I didn't ask, I could still hope.

But the answer was not no! We have reached the other side of the tunnel and the sun is shining brightly on me and Betty. She can continue with her treatment for the 'foreseeable future'. There is currently no sign of the drug supply stopping. Her IGF-1 levels remain higher than normal (around 600) but her diabetic remission continues. The tumour and the growth hormone secretion are still a risk to her health, but the biggest and most immediate threat was uncontrollable diabetes.

Thank you Ruth, RVC and Novartis.