Aversion Therapy

February 27th 2013 0

On Sunday the Brentwood Contact the Elderly Tea Party was held at Basildon Fire Station...

Brentwood CTE

I asked to be excused if there were enough drivers, but we were short. Thankfully so was the visit! My Miss Daisies were Jaqui and Joanne. Joanne wants a Police Station visit next! The cads men in uniform gave the ladies a tour of the engines and a presentation on fire safety (=two hours community duty to chalk up). The powerpoint presentation was unintentionally comical, full of animated gifs eugh! and PICNIC's ("Problem In Chair Not In Computer").

The food was provided by Asda, and two staff members attended to have their pictures taken for the local rag. I would have been a bit embarrassed if I was posing with a 'generous' donation of 12 jam tarts and some mince pies! My girls were hungry when I dropped them home. They are used to the absolute feasts that volunteer hosts provide. Shame on you Supermarket Fat Cats!

So, I'm cured! I no longer feel the need to stick two fingers up at red squealing vehicles! But then the Mayor is doing quite a good job of that eek.