Are you looking at my...?

October 26th 2011 0

It's a little bit scary knowing that strangers are looking at my site. When I built it I didn't expect much traffic. Just friends and family checking it out and maybe the occasional prospective customer. It's a project to me. A forum for trying new stuff. And a place to express some random thoughts when I feel like ranting.

I do get the occasional unexpected visitor. Although these are usually people looking for another Lilypad. I have also had quite a few visits from people googling fuckbook (see an earlier post!). But I am not what they are looking for, so they don't tend to stick around for long. I like to imagine their disappointment when confronted by frogs and fairy dust.

So now that I have built a site for my most connected friend, I am getting more hits. I feel a bit exposed! and a little vulnerable.

Be gentle with me!