Almost Home

June 1st 2012 0

You were 'the one' I so did adore
but I don't love you anymore,
Now I see through your veneer
not one more minute, one more tear,
will you take from me again,
Your ego fed, inflicting pain

Only hard when you're cheating,
Deception, you said 'clandestine' meeting,
You need the blue pills day to day
to achieve a mediocre lay,
2 mins, personal best, you're done,
Good job you had a skillful tongue

In your head you blame me,
To your friends you shame me,
No love, no respect, no feelings,
Only selfish dirty dealings,
Love letters, poems, a mirror image note,
Proposals, promises, I could quote

Lies, lies, lies,
Cold hearted empty eyes,
A chameleon to fit a role,
A beautiful hollow shell with no soul,
Ripped our hearts out, smashed them up,
Just another trophy cup

Now my spirit's free to roam,
The girl I once was is coming home,
I'm stronger than before you sapped me,
I can be anything I want to be,
So farewell to the character you let me meet,
Nothing more than floppy cock P...